Sophie provides guidance and advice to CEOs and executives on how to grow their business in a cost effective and flexible way. In some cases she works behind the scene, in other cases she works with the full leadership team. 


Examples of consulting services  

  • Market Assessment

Market Intelligence | We help you to gain a deep understanding of the ecosystem of your target market. Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are also on the frontline of new trends in technology. Knowing your market and its trends is the key to your organization’s ability to create and capture value.

Competition | The pace of change in technology markets means that there are frequently as many opportunities as threats to your business. Together with you, we are always thinking about the next step in order to stay ahead of competition. Our motto is ‘watch your competition, never follow them’.

  • Uncovering New Market Opportunities


We identify the most promising verticals for expansion and assess the opportunities, growth potential and risks. Using a systematic approach, we help you to create and capture uncontested market space, characterized by new demand and strong profitable growth.

  • International Expansion Strategy 

Market Entry Strategy  We advise on how to choose the best market entry strategy and evaluate your options to choose the entry mode that best suits your industry, budget, strategy and goals. The most common modes of international market entry are exporting, licensing, partnering, joint ventures, acquisition, and greenfield venturing. 

Cultural Intelligence |  A service designed for European and American companies who want to expand internationally. The United States and Europe have a different business culture. We help you to improve your level of knowledge of differences in order to build strong relationships, negotiate effectively, and mitigate risk.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy 


Based on your ambitions and available resources, we will develop a detailed go-to-market plan. Our goal is to align products and services with the right customer segments and get the pricing just right. Next to targeting the right customers, an organization must also find the right channels to convey its products and services to the market. We help you to create the right channel structure, choose the right partners and establish clear agreements and metrics to ensure success. This will increase efficiency and accelerate penetration into the market.


  • Strategic Partnerships


Strategic partnerships are an excellent way to optimize efficiency, accelerate growth and boost innovation. We help you to choose the right type of collaboration and identify partners which best fit your strategic goals. Using a systematic approach, we guide you through the negotiation and integration process, ensuring that these partnerships will create value for your company.