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Strong Foundation Workshop 


It is exciting and challenging to expand to a new country. Too often businesses jump right in and realize after a while that they are not getting the result they want and that they are wasting a lot of money. At the start of your expansion, it is important to take a step back and reflect about how you can start your expansion from the strongest position possible.

Just like when you construct a house, you want to build your business on a solid rock and not on sand. A strong foundation will support ups and downs, enable you to prepare for setbacks and help you to be ready for rapid growth.


Together we assess whether your company is ready for international expansion and uncover areas for improvement. During this unique workshop you will

- Analyze the 5 pillars of your business

- Learn how to build your business and strategy on a strong foundation

- Uncover areas for improvement and turn weaknesses into opportunities

- Identify and leverage unexploited strengths

- Set crystal clear priorities and ambitious goals

- Immediately create an actionable plan to improve your starting position


After this program you will have the clarity, motivation, and confidence to jumpstart your international growth



How it works

We start with an individual call during which we discuss your business, challenges, and goals and see if this program is a match for your business.

The program:

- preparation work

- 3 hour online session

- follow up work

- 90-minute online session 1 week later to review your work


Once registered, you are welcome to send us questions in advance