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Flexible Thinking Workshop 


Did you know that iconic companies such as Apple, Netflix and Airbnb started or pivoted their business in the midst of economic chaos? They all have something in common: the ability to think flexible and adapt their strategy to a new reality or economic climate.

The businesses that unlock the ability to embrace change and have the talent to be flexible in this moment of history have a greater chance to survive and even thrive.

During this interactive workshop you will learn how to

- recognize the need for change and uncover how new circumstances may impact not only your business but your entire eco – system

- adapt your strategy to the new economic reality, overcoming challenges and maximizing new growth opportunities

- quickly implement the change by thinking big, starting small and learning fast.

Expandify Strategic Flexibility Booster.

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road,

unless you fail to make the turn”




How it works

We start with an individual call during which we discuss your business, challenges, and goals and see if this program is a match for your business.

The program:

- preparation work

- two times a 3 hour online session 

- follow up work

- one 90-minute online session a week later to review your work


Once registered, you are welcome to send us questions in advance