100 Day Challenge

In the past few weeks, we have seen amazing examples of the resilience of the human spirit. We have heard quarantined Sicilians sing together from the balconies of their homes. We’ve seen children in Belgium, serenading and showing drawings to their elderly neighbors confined to home (before the Stay at Home order applied to everyone).

We have also seen wonderful examples of businesses and entrepreneurs that step up. There are so many people and businesses that are offering help to caregivers, and that are taking care of their employees and customers. Some are also creative to keep their business alive and to get ready for when this is over.

I believe that we all need some positivity. That’s why I have decided to launch a daily blog with positive news: the 100 Day Challenge.

- Why One Hundred Days? That’s how long I think it will take us to return more or less to our regular lives. It is not based on research or science; it is just my personal feeling.

- Why a Challenge? It is my challenge to write a blog every day, but I am sure I will find enough inspiration.

This blog will help you to find inspiration to know how to act now and how you can prepare for re- entry, once the restrictions are lifted. I started the blog on March 13, the first day the schools closed.

Send an email to sophie@expandify.eu if you want to receive a weekly summary


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