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100 Day Challenge Week 10

After 10 weeks of social distancing, people are realizing more and more how valuable real connections are. Communities are playing an especially important role in bringing people (virtually) together and providing support where needed. We see many organizations standing up, but sometimes it only takes 1 person to move an entire nation…

I am glad to share with you some stories from around the globe. I publish daily on my blog ‘100 day challenge’ and I’m sending you a weekly summary. By clicking on the underlined text, you can read the full story.

Several Scouts in Flanders, Belgium, are making and donating facemasks. Now that facemasks will be mandatory in many places like public transport and schools, there is a huge demand. Belgium launched a national action to make masks and Scouts is one of the organizations supporting this initiative.

In the prison of Oudenaarde, Belgium, inmates are joining forces to make mouth masks. One of the inmates told that they took the initiative and that they are committed to make 600 masks a day. Other prisons joined and Cellmade, which organizes labor in prisons, is supporting and coordinating this initiative.

People in Need, a Czech non-governmental, non-profit organization, has launched a new fundraiser called “SOS Pandemic”. Their aim is to help people in the world’s poorest countries. The money raised will be used to provide long-term assistance in developing countries where fallout from the pandemic, such as hunger, malnutrition, and the loss of livelihoods has the potential to be more devastating than the disease itself.

Club Kiwanis from Knokke, Belgium, is providing 40 laptops to kids from vulnerable families. As schools went digital, many low – income students were left behind. With the slogan “serving the children of the world’, Kiwanis bought 40 new laptops and donated them to the organization “Spelotheek De Wip”. This partner organization loans the laptops to kids who do not have one at home.

#FirstOfTheMonth is a campaign in Silicon Valley to relief poor families who have lost their jobs and income and are now at risk to lose their homes. It is a collaboration between 3 local non profits which are collecting and distributing cash to people in need. To date they have raised $1,690,304 and were able to serve 187 families. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, donated 530.000 USD to the campaign.

The Chrystal Ship, an Art Festival in Oostende, Belgium, has invited Belgian painter Koen Eres Deweerdt to make a street painting as a tribute to the caregivers from a nearby hospital.

Tom Moore, a 99-year-old British World War II veteran from the UK, has started a fundraising challenge and set out to walk 100 laps of his back garden before his 100th birthday. So far, more than 347,000 people have donated to Moore's effort and he raised more than $9 million in donations. The money will go to NHS Charities Together, a collective that supports the medical staff, volunteers, facilities and patients.

I am wishing you all the best!


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