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100 Day Challenge: Week 2

It is heartwarming to see how companies really care about their clients, eco-system and community. Also this week we have seen some great examples of companies that step up. I publish daily on my blog 100 day challenge and I’m sending you a weekly summary.

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Most bars and restaurants worldwide had to close their doors. Restaurants can switch to take out or home delivery, but what about the bars? AB InBev, the world’s largest brewery, launched a campaign to help the Belgian bars: “Café Courage”. You can pay online for a beer in your favorite bar now and drink it once the restrictions are lifted. InBev realizes that by helping their clients (the bars) now, they will also benefit in the long term.

Supermarkets are among the few kinds of stores that remain open to serve the public during the coronavirus crisis. By designating special hours strictly for seniors, supermarkets show that they care for the most vulnerable. It requires a small effort from the supermarkets, but it makes a huge difference for senior people.

Other companies step up by mobilizing their own community. Nvidia, a tech company from Silicon Valley, has asked gamers to use their powerful gaming computers to help with the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Downloading the app to do so is a small but real way to help the world.

The British company Dyson, which is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, has designed a hospital ventilator for treating severe patients. The company developed the ventilator in less than 10 days. By showing strong leadership and flexibility, Dyson will hopefully save thousands of lives.

The prestigious Ivy League schools decided to offer online classes to the public for free. Have you ever wanted to say you’ve taken an Ivy League course? Now could be your chance.

Wag Hotels, a pet boarding and daycare company, is offering discounts to first responders and medical professionals who need a place to board their pet during long workdays. It must feel good to know that someone takes care of your furry friend while you are working double shifts.

The hotel business is hit very hard by the travel restrictions. As a message of hope, several hotels in San Francisco decided to light up the night sky in the city, creating a heart-shaped symbol. Sometimes there’s not much you can do, but you can always show that you care.

Wishing you all the best,

Greetings from Silicon Valley



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