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100 Day Challenge: Week 4

An African proverb says “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. That's what we see happening now. Companies are collaborating in ways we could never imagine and rivals are joining forces in order to combat the Coronavirus. These unprecedented times bear fruit to unprecedented alliances.

I publish daily on my blog 100 day challenge and I’m sending you a weekly summary. By clicking on the underlined text, you can read the full story.

In a bold and ambitious collaboration, Apple and Google are developing a smartphone platform that will track the spread of the Coronavirus. The tech giants are teaming up to try and leverage the ubiquity of smartphones to help notify users who may have been exposed to the virus while protecting their privacy.

Rothy’s, a very popular San Francisco-based footwear company, launched the Open Innovation Coalition. Rothy’s open-sourced their mask-making knowledge with fellow manufacturers who are interested in producing similar items. A few or their partners include incredible brands like ThirdLove, Marine Layer and Lucky Brand.

Materialise, a 3D printing company from Belgium has distributed a free design for a 3D-printed door opener that helps reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. The company also developed a 3D printed shopping cart handle and a connector to convert standard hospital equipment into a mask to facilitate breathing.

The new neighborhood app MyNabes is a fabulous tool that enables you to offer help and support your neighbors especially right now during this pandemic with a focus on helping through kindness and collaboration.

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is partnering with the US government to battle the Coronavirus. J&J is setting a goal of providing a global supply of more than one billion doses of the vaccine. They are partnering with the Rega Institute for Medical Research from the KULeuven University in Belgium.

YMCA of Silicon Valley is lending a hand to those who are busy fighting the novel coronavirus on the frontlines. They are pivoting some of its facilities to serve as day camps where parents can drop off their children before they head into work.

And let’s not forget about Family. On Saturday we celebrated my birthday and my husband and kids organized a wonderful day. It was packed with surprises and fun activities: a five star breakfast, a decorated house, a treasure hunt, a bike ride with my daughter, a virtual toast with my family in Belgium, sushi and Champagne…in short: the most beautiful birthday I could imagine…

From my home to your home, I am wishing you the very best

Greetings from Silicon Valley



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