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100 Day Challenge: Week 7

Many believe that teleworking is here to stay, and that business travel will never be the same. There are also other changes happening in the workplace. Businesses are getting extremely creative to keep employees at work, to redefine their roles or to reimagine the search for a job. The last couple of weeks we are seeing extraordinary collaborations and cross industry arrangements. There is clearly an acceleration in the adaptation to the Future of Work.

I am glad to share with you some stories from around the globe. I publish daily on my blog 100 day challenge and I’m sending you a weekly summary. By clicking on the underlined text, you can read the full story.

Hema, Alibaba’s retail grocery chain from China, has seen a surge in demand for food delivery so they decided to start borrowing workers from industries that are hit hard by the pandemic like restaurants, hotels, and taxi companies.

Aldi and McDonald’s have signed a remarkable alliance for the German market. They have agreed that the German supermarket can take over staff from the fast food chain while its restaurants are closed. Special times require special solutions, creating a win-win for all parties.

Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the United States, is converting more than 3000 employees from across the bank into positions intended to answer calls from customers and small business owners.

Olympia, an employment agency from the Netherlands, is offering a free training program for temporary workers who lost their jobs. It enables them to perform jobs for which there is currently a high demand.

Nalantis, an AI company from Belgium, has develop an online platform which matches medical and non-medical profiles with the current needs in the medical sector. It is a fast and efficient way for volunteers and temporary workers to know where they can help.

Amazon is seeing a huge spike in demand for their home delivery services. The tech giant announced that they will hire at least 100.000 new workers. They also stated to increase the hourly wage and is investing millions of dollars to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.  

Bars in San Francisco are coming up with creative ways to connect their bartenders with customers and help them earn some money. There is an online competition for crafting the best cocktail, you can follow online cocktail courses and send tips directly to the bartender. I love the creativity of the bars to show people that they cannot wait to welcome you back.


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