Day 13 Café Courage

On March 13 all the bars and restaurants in Belgium had to close their doors. Restaurants can switch to take out or home delivery, but what about the bars? AB Inbev, the world’s largest brewery, launched a campaign to help the Belgian bars: “Café Courage”.

On the website you can pay online for a beer (or two) in your favorite bar now, and drink it once the restrictions are lifted. What you pay goes 100 % to the bar owner and Inbev also donates the beer to the bar you selected. This gives the owners some extra financial means to bridge the closing period.

I selected Café t Schaap from De Pinte, my hometown in Belgium. I can’t wait to meet with my friends and enjoy a beer together.

Alken Maes launched a similar platform, Café Solidair.

My question for you: What can you do that benefits your industry?


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