Day 15 Dyson

The British company Dyson, which is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, has designed a hospital ventilator for treating severe patients. Sir James Dyson, the founder of the company, received a personal call from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to build ventilators. The company developed a ventilator in less than 10 days. The device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume.

The British government put in a purchase order for the first 10000 units. James Dyson is donating 5000 more to international hospitals that are short on emergency equipment.

Another British company, Gtech is also working to produce ventilators. The National Health Service will monitor closely if the devices are meeting regulatory requirements.

In the United States, Ford has announced that it's working with 3M and GE Healthcare to produce medical equipment and also GM and Tesla have pledged to make ventilators.


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