Day 28 MyNabes

A few months ago, Elodie and Raluca launched the new neighborhood app MyNabes. Their belief is that when communities work together, good things happen and that solidarity and sharing economy is our future. MyNabes is a free, safe and secure app that is based on mutual aid between neighbors and where can share services, items, help one another and get to know each other better.

It is a fabulous tool that enables you to offer help and support your neighbors especially right now during this pandemic with a focus on helping through kindness and collaboration. And hopefully, create relationships that will flourish once social distancing is no longer needed. Among their 20 categories, a lot can be used right now to show solidarity. Propose to check on your older neighbors to make sure they are doing well and not feeling lonely with the "Courtesy Visit category", convert their grocery list into an online order or save them a portion of your meals you can just drop off at their doorstep with the "Grocery category". Organize a food drive so we can share within our neighborhood our food and make sure everybody can stay safe at home while having enough resources with the "Volunteer Category". Share your extra fruits and vegetables from your garden through the "Donate Category". Organize virtual playdates with other families in your neighborhood through the "Playdate Category" and so much more. We all can do something in order to help out while staying safe


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