Day 36 Museums

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there are countless virtual experiences at our fingertips. Off course nothing can replicate going to a museum or visiting an art gallery, but this alternative is a nice way to make the time indoors more interesting and imaginative.

The Louvre in Paris, Hermitage in Saint Petersbourg, the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, the Tate from London : these are only some of the world’s great museums that are virtually opening their doors.

If you are interested in art, you should definitely have a look at Google Arts and Culture, the site offers art tours and museum exhibits from around the world.

My favorite are the Musei Vaticani from Rome, la Città Eterna. I had the privilege to study in this magnificent city for a year. Living near the Vatican, I visited the Vatican museums multiple times. Watching their tours makes me dream of strolling around in Rome, drinking a Capucinno in the shadow of the Pantheon or drinking a glass of wine on the Campo dei Fiori …


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