Day 50 Bartenders

In the San Francisco Bay area, bar and restaurants had to close their doors on March 16. Restaurants can switch to take out or home delivery and the Alcohol Beverage Control allows now for to-go cocktails alongside food.

Some bars are coming up with creative ways to connect with customers and help their bartenders earn some money.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana launched a friendly competition: bartenders can come up with a cocktail and you can see who sold most drinks. Next to that, customers can send tips directly to the bartender via the group’s Virtual Tip Jar.

Gillian Fitzgerald from the bar Casements in San Francisco, showcases each day at 11:30 AM a new cocktail she makes in her home kitchen. It enables people to make a simple cocktail at home or you can buy a cocktail online. For her it is a way to keep busy and stay creative.

And then there is the bar Elda, who is giving cocktail video classes for customers and corporate groups, alongside the bar’s to-go food and cocktails.

Those are creative ways for bars to show people that they're still there and that they can’t wait to welcome you back.


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