Day 67 Tokai Optics

Tokai Optecs, a distributor and manufacturer of high-quality lenses, is bringing a solution for eyeglass wearers to market.

People with glasses have learned the hard way that wearing a face mask causes their glasses to fog up just about every time they exhale. By treating glasses with a chemical, the Belgian / Japanese Joint Venture, can prevent glasses from fogging.

The anti – fog glasses were developed 7 years ago for the Japanese market. In Japan 75 % of the population wears glasses and hot noodle soup is the national dish so fogged glasses are a common problem. The pandemic has now also created a huge opportunity in Europe.

Kurt Leuridan, CEO of Tokai Optecs, says that there is a huge demand for the glasses, especially from dentist and eye doctors. Tokai Optecs offered 50 sets for free to the hospital in Bierbeek, Belgium.


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