Day 7 Zoom

About a week ago, school boards across the country made the difficult decision to close schools. Zoom Video Communications is stepping in to help. The company announced that it was providing its videoconferencing tools to K-12 schools for free.

Zoom already has free accounts, but CEO Eric Yuan went further. Zoom first removed the time limits from complementary accounts for users in regions affected by the outbreak. Then, the company removed any limitations for public schools in Japan, Italy, and the U.S., with more countries being added.

CEO Eric Yuan himself took the time to remotely sign up schools to free accounts of his videoconferencing software. First was a school in Silicon Valley, then two schools in the Austin, Texas area.

Zoom is also a great tool to host a virtual drink – BYOD (Bring your own device) now also means Bring your Own Drinks! It’s great to digitally connect with your friends but I’m really looking forward to the day it’s safe again to meet in person!


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