Day 8 Schools

The schools of our kids closed on Friday March 13. The original plan was to reopen mid-April, but the governor of California said that schools will likely stay closed for the academic year. We just finished week 1 and we are truly impressed with how both schools are handling this.

Charlotte is in Grade 2 and her school has been preparing Long Distance Learning for weeks. She brought an iPad and other materials home in preparation for this period. The school is using Google Classroom. Each day’s assignment is posted at 8.30 AM and the students also have individual time with their teachers.

Mattie’s preschool prepared an activity booklet that has variety of materials to keep the kids busy and engaged. It is very thoughtful that they also included a picture of the class so the toddlers can see their friends.

We are still working on the home working / home schooling balance, but it seems we may have plenty of time to perfect it…

My question for you: what can you do now to stand out of the crowd?


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