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Day 91 Zorabots

Zorabots from Oostende, Belgium is lending its James robot free of charge to retirement homes and healthcare professionals. Unlike tablets and smartphones, the James robot is mobile and voice activated so it can go from room to room and enable patients to make video calls without requiring any contact.

Fabrice Goffin and Tommy Deblieck, Zorabots CEOs explain “we felt urged to act given the spread of Covid 19 and the increasing sense of isolation for our elderly population. The idea to lend our James robots free of charge to help seniors maintain social contact with the best possible hygiene conditions came naturally”.

Zorabots also launched the Cruzr robot, a new robot to help healthcare professionals, governments, and international organizations to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The hardware for the robot was built by UBTech Robotics from China, and Zorabots developed the software. The robots will be used for mass temperature screening, monitoring patient status, and keeping medical records of Covid-19 patients.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has already donated 5 robots to Rwanda’s Ministry of Health to help fight the spread of the virus.


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