Day 99 UZ Leuven

Belgium is conducting a large-scale trial with the plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients. The trial is a collaboration between hospitals in Flanders and is coordinated by UZ (University Hospital) Leuven.

The Red Cross launched a call for recovered corona patients to donate plasma. The plasma is examined for the presence of antibodies that could help sick corona patients. Treating ill patients with the plasma of people that have recovered from the same disease has proven beneficial in the past. The plasma of recovered patients contains antibodies that can help prevent the disease.

In the meantime, UZ Leuven has started a large-scale trial with plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients. If administering plasma proves safe and efficacious, the product could be made available for all patients with corona patients.

Prof. dr. Geert Meyfroidt, national coordinator of the trial says : “Plasma transfusion is a promising therapy for COVID-19 patients and can be made available in a short time-span for a large group of patients all over Europe”.


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