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When Content and Context come Together

During Spring break, I was playing Pictionary with my kids. As you can see in this picture, my drawing abilities are limited, but by giving context and conveying meaning through visual cues, my kids quickly guessed that I was drawing a snowball.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content. If you want to grow your business, finding information online and talking with other entrepreneurs about your plans is easier than ever. It is a great way to develop new ideas, find inspiration, and learn from others’ failures or successes. Best practices can be a great source of inspiration, but receiving hundreds of tips can leave you confused in the process.

That’s why you need a strategic framework to recognize which content is good and how to apply it to your business.

“Content is King, but Context is God” Gary Vee

An example is when you want to work with distributors. The content can be a list of distributors, but that becomes only valuable when you have a strategic framework that tells you if distribution is the right approach for you, how to select the right distributor, and how to set up a win-win collaboration.


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