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Growth Strategy 

We help business leaders develop or review their international growth strategy. Successful expansion is based on three pillars: a solid foundation of your business, a powerful expansion strategy and a strong execution.


By assessing your current situation, we identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. We prepare your business for international growth and you get crystal clear on your goals and objectives for the new market. A strong foundation will boost your growth and profitability when expanding internationally.


Together we build a powerful strategy. We are glad to share our wide range of tools,  expertise, and best practices to be successful in a new market. Building a strategy takes days, not weeks and we focus on rapid action and results instead of providing endless analyses and reports.


The strategy is fully owned by your team, but we provide you with all the support you need to execute your strategy in a fast and efficient way.  



How it works


At the start of the project, we agree on clear objectives, measures, and value of our work together. Our projects are fixed fee, so you never have to worry about a meter running. This provides you a fast and efficient resolution with a high return on investment.


Typical results


  • Gaining a deep understanding of the eco system of your target market

  • Identifying the most promising verticals for expansion and assessing the opportunities, growth potential and risks

  • Uncovering new market opportunities and areas for growth

  • Creating a powerful market entry strategy, balancing risk, control, and flexibility

  • Developing a rapid go to market strategy

  • Creating demand in a new market

  • Building partnerships as a way to optimize efficiency, accelerate growth or boost innovation

  • Improving your level of knowledge of cultural differences in order to build strong relationships, negotiate effectively, and mitigate risk

  • Creating the right channel structure, choosing the right partners, and establishing clear agreements and metrics to ensure success

  • Aligning your team and assigning accountability

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