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"Sophie's masterclass “Growth through Collaboration” provides key insights into the different types of strategic alliances — along with the tools on how to build and form them. This is highly relevant and essential to European companies relying on these alliances to unlock new international markets such as the US. 

Kurt Schütte 
CEO Runeasi 

"Sophie, Thanks for organizing an immersion week in Silicon Valley for the spin-offs from the KULeuven. It was an amazing journey filled with inspiring meetings and fantastic training moments"

Els Nagels 
CEO Inspyro 

"Sophie explains during the Masterclass 'Growth through Collaboration' how by building alliances you can reduce costs,  foster innovation, or go faster to market. It became clear how trust, shared vision, long-term commitment, and flexibility are key ingredients for success. Because of the use cases, examples, and clear framework, I highly recommend this masterclass. 1 + 1 is more than 2!  

Jose Nuñez Ares
founder Effex

"I attended Sophie’s workshop ‘How to Successfully Enter a New Market’. We learned the crucial steps to build a powerful expansion strategy: from market assessment to strategic positioning, from choosing the right market entry mode to implementing your strategy. Sophie clearly showed her expertise and engaged the audience with stories and examples. The combination of having a clear framework and applying that to our business case was extremely powerful. What a fantastic experience!"

Francis De Bruyne 
Data Whisperer and Strategist 

"Sophie was my mentor during my Prince Albert Fund year in San Francisco. Her talk ‘expanding to the US’ was a great kick off for my project. Not only was it fun and engaging, it also gave me a clear overview of the opportunities and challenges I was about to face. I truly value her international business experience and strong local network"

Charlotte Renson 
Business Development Manager Ardo USA 

"3 takeaways from Sophie’s workshop on International Strategy ; having a strong strategy is key, there is no one way to success, the importance of showing your value. It made me realize I have to show how proud I am of Delino; ‘Probably the best Belgian quality sauce you can eat abroad!’"

Christel Bedert 
Account Manager Delino 

"Working with Sophie made me rethink our approach and refine priorities for our expansion to the US"

Paulina Murath
Business Development Manager Urban Crop Solutions

"Sophie was my mentor during my Prince Albert Fund project. She challenged me and I learned a lot from her straightforward approach to strategy"

Sidney De Keersmaeker 
Business Development Manager USA 

"During our Start2Export event Sophie provided sound advice on expanding to the US market. She clearly demonstrated her expertise on the subject, and engaged with the audience by sharing insightful stories’"

Daphne Renier 
Head International Business Voka 

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