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Success in the US takes strong Foundations

Jo Detavernier, SCMP, APR and I had a talk about the typical challenges for companies expanding to the US. Now it is more important than ever to start from a strong foundation and be well prepared, if you want to make it in this competitive market.

You can read the full article on Jo's website

main take-aways :

- do your homework before expanding to the US

- start from a solid foundation

- set clear goals and focus

- consider the different options that are available to accelerate growth

- don't be too cautious, dare to take some risk

- don't underestimate the cultural differences

- explore how a partnership can be beneficial to your business

- be ready for some intense competition

- collaborate with experts who know the pitfulls and help you to avoid wasting time and money

- be confident and enjoy doing business in this wonderful country!!


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