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Assumptions are Made...

We all know the United States from movies, music, press, and other media, which gives us the feeling of knowing the country. When you go to places like Brazil, China, or India, you expect things to be different and learn about the country and its culture. Many people don't prepare when they go to the United States. Many believe they know the country and make decisions based on assumptions.

Some of the most common assumptions I hear in my practice are:

- The USA is one unified market, which makes it easy to do business

- Americans only want to work with Americans

- It is hard to build a team in the United States

These assumptions are generalizations and do not capture American society's complexity, diversity, and richness.

During our Roundtable on September 26 at 4 PM CET, Pamela Harper and I will unwrap some hard-wire beliefs about doing business in the USA and discuss how a growth mindset can boost your business.

If you haven't participated in one of the Roundtables, picture an online gathering; no slides but a lively and interactive discussion with plenty of time for Q&A for our participants. You gain powerful insights and practical advice. We hope to see you there!


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