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The Growing Importance of Alliances

It was heartwarming to read how the restaurant chain Lunch Garden collaborates with the start-up Mineralio to recycle their mussel shells. After being crushed, the shells are transformed into raw material for cosmetics or terrazzo. It is an original and impactful way to take care of the garbage from 800 (!) ton mussels they serve yearly.

Alliances are becoming increasingly important due to several factors.

The Quest for Innovation

In today’s global economy, competition is fierce, and customer expectations are rising. Your clients are not just looking for products and services but for experiences and solutions. Thinking outside the box and bringing unique value to your customers will help you stay ahead of the competition. Often, this requires expertise from outside your organization.

Blurred Industry Lines

Digitization and new technologies have created the possibility to form dynamic ecosystems. Industries cannot operate on their own. The development of electric vehicles is only significant if collaboration with the clean energy industry exists.

Solving Complex Challenges

Challenges such as climate change are transcending industrial and geographical boundaries. They are so complex that no single company can solve it alone. Collaboration between businesses is essential if we want to tackle those problems.

On Thursday, August 31, at 9 AM PDT - 6 PM CET, I will be a guest on the Posterlab podcast; you can watch it live on LinkedIn. Sebastien Charles and I will discuss trends and best practices to build strong alliances. I hope to see you there. I will share the recording later.

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