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Less is More

Working with companies that are expanding internationally, I often notice that people struggle to set priorities. The truth is, it is exciting to grow your business; the hard part, though, is that you can’t do everything at once. Scattered actions, where your efforts are spread too thin across various opportunities, typically lead to minimal results.

“When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority”

Here are some tips to set priorities

Be crystal clear on your goal

Clear goals are the foundation for solid priority setting. If you don’t know your destination, defining the best way to get there is impossible.

Focus on a few priorities

Define short-term priorities to reach that goal. Focus on the things that have the most impact and excel at what you do – cut out the rest. Your initial focus can be an account, a region, or a niche industry.

Review regularly

Review your priorities regularly. I love to work with 90-day cycles; it is short enough to create urgency and long enough to get things done.

Dare to say “no”

Once you have defined your focus, stay true to it and dare to say “no” to the hundreds of ideas to grow your business. If you remain true to your focus, your actions will have much more impact than when you say yes to every opportunity.

With three months left in 2023, now is a great time to set priorities for the remainder of the year. Less is more, and with the right priorities in place, you’ll be on the path to finish your year strong.


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