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The Keys to Leading a Successful US - European Business Expansion (podcast)

Are you thinking that 2023 might be the year to expand your US company into Europe or to expand your European company into the US? If so, you’re in good company, according to our guest, Sophie Boutelegier, Founder and Chief Expansion Officer of Expandify. The question is, what does it take to lead a successful international expansion that provides a return on your investment? This is the focus of our conversation.

Sophie is an expert in international expansion and strategic alliances. Her core expertise lies in creating international expansion strategies, developing powerful go-to-market plans, and helping European businesses thrive in the US market. She works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to create and implement powerful strategies to achieve sustained, profitable revenue growth.

In this episode, we discuss Sophie’s views of the trends for European-US business expansion in 2023. She shares the most common assumption that business leaders need to examine when crafting their expansion strategy. We also discuss contrasts between the US and European approaches to expanding internationally. For example, Sophie shares the story of one of her European clients who increased their company’s success by developing an expansion strategy that accounted for differences in US market needs and culture. We also discuss highlights from 10 tips Sophie has developed to increase the success of expanding from Europe to the US. These tips can also help US companies expand into Europe.



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