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Trends Article: Women in Silicon Valley

As a European female entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, I was interviewed by the Belgian Business Magazine Trends. Click here to read the article in Dutch. You can also read the pdf by clicking on the Trends logo on my home page

Here is an excerpt of the articel in English

Women in Silicon Valley

Tips for networking

When Sophie arrived in Silicon Valley 4 years ago, she didn't know anyone. She joined several chambers of commerce and attended many business events. She also embraced the opportunity to give talks which really enabled her to expand her network.

Differences between Europe and the US

Americans are much more willing to open their network to you. As long as you communicate clearly what you do, what kind of people you want to meet and show what value you can bring, it is much easier to build a network in the US than in other regions

Being a Woman in a male dominated Silicon Valley

Sophie confirms that Silicon Valley is a man's world but that doesn't bother her. "also in my corporate career I was often the only woman in a meeting. I am sure that being a female has helped me to get meetings in male dominated industries. Then it is up to you to show how professional you are and how well you know your business

Tips for companies who wish to expand to the USA

- Be prepared and have a crystal clear focus. The USA are a complex and very diverse country so you need to have a very strong strategy and execution

- Be committed and show that you are here for the long term

- Show your unique value. A good way can be to excel in your niche. The Belgian Companies Barco and Televic have proved how succesful you can be doing so.



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