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Collaborating with US Partners

Collaborating is an increasingly common way to grow a business in new markets. It can take many forms, such as setting up a distribution network, licensing, subcontracting, or forming a strategic alliance.

Forming successful collaborations, however, is not simple. It is far more than just signing a contract and hoping for fast results. Many entrepreneurs underestimate what it takes to find, enable, and manage a successful collaboration.

If you want to grow your business in the USA, I warmly invite you to join our

Roundtable on

Wednesday April 19, 2023 at 5 PM CET

Annette van der Feltz and I will discuss strategic and cultural considerations when working with American businesses. Join us for an interactive discussion to

- Uncover what collaboration can mean for your business

- Discover what American partners value in a business relationship

- Learn how to build trust and have fruitful conversations

If you want to attend, just reply YES to this email

To have an intimate yet lively discussion, we only have room for 12 entrepreneurs. If you know someone interested in doing business in the USA, please share this invitation and invite them to contact us.


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