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NOW is the Time to Expand to the US

You often hear people say that we are living in uncertain times. No one knows how the Coronavirus will impact the world economy, what the 2020 elections will bring, and how the trade conflicts will evolve. But let’s face it, uncertainty is always there. It’s like the weather, it’s part of the atmosphere and a condition of which you have very little control.

When faced with uncertainty or change, it is not the time to stand still. It is the time to look for new opportunities, to innovate and to grow your business. And if you want to grow your business by expanding internationally, the USA is your number 1 destination. It offers tremendous growth opportunities, it’s business friendly, very innovative and you get access to world class talent. Here are some specific reasons why NOW is the time to expand to the USA

Growing Economy

he US economic growth continues at 2.1 % in 2020 while other economies are stagnant or slowing. The US economy remains in the midst of the longest economic expansion in history. This cycle, starting in June 2019, breaks the record of 120 months of economic growth from March 1991 to March 2001.

Access to Capital

VC investment in the US is very strong and there continues to be an excess of capital available in the US VC market. There is a wide range of funding sources available, from banks and investment firms to venture capitalists and angel investors, enabling business innovation and expansion.

Corporate Tax Cuts

Since January 2018, the reduced corporate tax rates created favorable conditions for many non-US headquartered companies doing business in the US. The Act is complex and affects every taxpayer differently. It’s a perfect time to review your business to determine the structure that could create optimal Return on Investment.

Deciding to go to the US is easy… but knowing how to, that’s the difficult part. I’m here to help you every step of the way.


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