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10 Lessons from Silicon Valley

Travel is back! Last week a fantastic group of spin-offs from the KULeuven visited the bay area. It was a week full of great conversations, inspiring company visits, and insightful presentations.

At the end of the week, we asked the entrepreneurs to make a compilation of the lessons learned.

Lesson learned in Silicon Valley:

- If you want to become a global brand, come to the USA

- Networking is key to success

- The importance of hyper-speed: act fast, respond fast

- Dare to take risks, don’t be afraid to fail

- Always keep innovating, anticipating change

- Have a clear ‘why’, tell your story and be authentic

- The power of Collaboration; 1+1 = 3

- If you seek funding; find an ‘Investor – Entrepreneur fit’

- Balance technical development and sales & marketing

- Dream Big and have a positive mindset

Reading this gives me energy, the positive way of thinking in the Valley is contagious. These lessons are not only valid in the Valley; I hope they are a source of inspiration for your global business.

If you want to learn more about the Power of Collaboration, sign up for my Masterclass!

Have a great day!



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