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10 Tips for Successfull Expansion to the US

Time flies, it has already been 2 years since the launch of my business Expandify. Those 2 years have been one of the most exciting and interesting years of my life. I spoke with hundreds of entrepreneurs, worked on projects across industries, read dozens of business books and got to travel across the United States.

Living and working in the US, and especially in Silicon Valley, is inspiring. The ‘can do’ mentality and way of ‘thinking big’ is contagious. Reid Hoffman (co – founder LinkedIn) is right when he says, “Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location”. It is my passion to share that mindset with entrepreneurs who come to the US and want to make it big the American way.

As a small celebration for my 2-year anniversary, I’ll share with you a video series with 10 tips to help you be successful in the US market. I will distribute the link via email

Here are the 10 tips I will cover

- Start from A Strong Foundation

- Never Copy Paste

- Analyze Market and Anticipate Needs

- Choose the Right Market Entry Mode

- Pick the Best Location

- Go in Strong and bring Unique Value

- Look for Partnership Opportunities

- Build your all-Star Team

- Be fixed on the Vision, Flexible on the Journey

- Embrace the US Business Culture

If you are interested in receiving the videos, just send an email to or write your email address in the comments.

Greetings from Silicon Valley



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