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3 Keys to Grow your Business Globally

There is no one-fits-all strategy to grow your business; what works best depends on your product, targeted market, and eco-system. There are many moving parts, but the following three key ideas apply to every business that wants to grow in new markets. 💡Have Crystal-Clear Focus Have a crystal-clear focus and define the playing field where you want to start. Your initial focus can be a large account, a region, or a well-defined industry. The great news is that even a small niche can represent a huge opportunity. Think big, start small, and learn fast. 💡Explore Alliance Opportunities Being ‘the new kid on the block’ in a market, joining forces with a local partner can be an efficient way to learn about the new market, gain access to a network, and offer joint value. 💡Show Commitment If you want to build a successful business in a new market, you need to show that you are there for the long term. It means being serious about your expansion plans and investing time and money to achieve ambitious goals. Showing commitment opens doors, builds trust, and attracts many good things to your business. If you want to learn more about how to apply those 3 key ideas, listen to the podcast “Growth Igniters® Radio”. It was an honor to be the guest of Pam Harper and Scott Harper.


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