Act and Prepare

In my February newsletter I wrote that we are living in uncertain times. Waw, how did that evolve the last couple of weeks! We are living in crazy times: major conferences are cancelled, travel is banned, employees are mandated to work from home and schools are closed. This disruption is stressful because you don’t know what is going to happen and because you have very little influence.

Don’t let stress overtake you, stay calm and focus on the things you can influence. One of the most powerful things you can do now is to act and prepare, where others are getting paralyzed.

Here are some ideas.

If you were planning to attend a tradeshow that has been cancelled

- reach out to customers you were going to meet, ask how you can help them

- think about other ways to showcase your solution or product

- consider organizing a digital alternative

If you can’t go to work or if you can’t travel

- get your life into routine, organize a support system and be super-efficient

- implement conference call systems like Zoom, Skype or Webex

- continue working and keep relationships, even if you can’t meet in person

If you can’t deliver your products or services to customers

- think about how you can serve your customers remotely

- pro-actively propose to postpone, instead of waiting for cancellations

- use this time to revamp your website and marketing

Start thinking about a plan B and how you can prepare your business and prevent loss by implementing changes now.

We are all in this together, be compassionate and take care!


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