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Choosing a STRONG Partner

Laurel and Hardy are still one of the most successful and beloved comedy teams in cinema history. They are an excellent example of how bringing the right people together can lead to extraordinary success.

When you are forming a strategic alliance, carefully choosing the right partner is a fundamental step. Working with business leaders, I experience that often a partner is chosen immaturely. Some companies build partnerships which are purely based on corporate friendships or they target a famous company, without seriously looking at alternatives.

When selecting your partner, you need to take several aspects into consideration. By using the Expandify™ Strong Partner Analysis we independently assess whether there is a good fit between you and a possible (or current) partner by looking at it from 6 different angels. All 6 angels are important and require a careful analysis.

In the White Paper Selecting a STRONG Partner you will find more information about every aspect. Once you have clearly assessed your partner, not only will you have a clear view on the chances of success when forming an alliance, you will know exactly what aspect still needs improvement in order to enhance the chances of forming a successful partnership.

Take time to think about how collaborating can help you to innovate or to grow faster. Take the blinds of and look around you. Be inspired, step outside your comfort zone, see new angles and build upon great ideas. Be open minded and don’t only look for the obvious. And who knows that you will be remembered just like Laurel and Hardy.

If you want to evaluate a possible partnership or enhance your existing ones, I’d be glad to help you. Contact me today and let’s explore together how we can grow your business.

Greetings from Silicon Valley!



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