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Embracing Change

Many of us are wondering 'when will things get back to normal' and some are already painting a picture of how the ‘new normal’ will look like. But is there such thing as a ‘new normal’?

“Uncertainty is chronic, instability is permanent, disruption is common, and we can neither predict nor govern events. There will be no new normal, there will only be a continuous series of not normal episodes, defying prediction and

unforeseen by most of us until they happen.”

(Jim Collins in Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0, December 2020)

Those words struck me, they are so powerful and so true. I am convinced that the ability to embrace change and the talent to adapt quickly to new circumstances are key to be successful in this fast-changing world. That is why I have developed the webinar

“The Art of Flexible Thinking” during which you will learn to

- recognize the change and uncover how new circumstances may impact not only your business but your entire eco – system

- adapt your strategy to the new economic reality, overcoming challenges and maximizing new growth opportunities

- quickly implement the change by thinking big, starting small and learning fast.

I cordially invite you to this webinar which will take place on February 3rd more info

Let’s see change as a source of growth and new opportunities!

I hope to see you on February 3rd!


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