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How was your 2019?

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Not only because every year we go back to Belgium to spend time with family and friends, it’s also the time to close the door to the year and welcome a new one. But before blazing into the future, I believe it is vital to reflect on the previous year to set yourself up for success.

- What are you good at, what do you really enjoy doing and what gives you energy?

- What did you learn and where do you need further development?

- Did the events you attended, the talks you gave, the marketing campaigns you set up... bring in business or did it just cost you a lot of money?

- Did your memberships help to meet interesting people or learn new things?

Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you to identify what accelerates your business and what drains energy. It will help you to know where you should focus on and what you should leave behind that no longer serves you.

So before making those ambitious New Year’s resolutions and planning the next quarter, take some time to reflect on your business and to look at the bigger picture.

I wish you all a very happy and successful 2020!


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