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So Simple, yet Genius

Have you already heard about Wordle? If not, you should really give it a try and join the millions of players worldwide. Wordle is an online word game that gives players six attempts to guess a five-letter word.

Wordle is not the first game that went viral, but a few things set it apart. It’s built to be played only a few minutes a day, you don’t need to create a profile or download an app, but above all: it is simple.

It can be tempting to add bells and whistles, offer an array of options, or give complex explanations to impress a customer. Yet, in an overwhelming world where consumers are bombarded with information, simplicity can be a compelling way to stand out from the crowd.

Take a fresh look at your business model and strip away the unnecessary layers of complexity. And remember, keep it simple.

I hope you enjoy Wordle as much as I do.


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