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The Calimero Syndrome

Hearing a business leader say, “we are small. Why would this corporate giant talk with us” reminds me of the cartoon Calimero I watched as a kid. Calimero is a charming tiny chick, the only black one in a family of yellow chicks. His small size often makes him shout: “they are big, and I is small, and that is not fair!”. He feels overwhelmed by his environment and is convinced that nothing can be done to make the injustice go away.

Having the ‘Calimero Syndrome’ can be lethal for company growth. That’s why you should

  • Not feel intimidated by a bigger player

  • Focus on how much value you can offer

  • Embrace a growth mindset and don’t feel limited by external conditions

  • See the advantages of being smaller (read: being quick, agile, innovative)

Whether that corporate giant is the right fit for you is a different question, but never feel you are irrelevant because of the size of your business.

It is about how big your dare to dream!

Have a great day!



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