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What Ants can Teach us about Business

Have you ever taken the time to watch ants? If you see an individual ant crawling around, you feel pity; the tiny creature looks weak and completely lost. But when ants get together and form their colony, it is genuinely fascinating to see what happens. Together, they can create living structures, feed themselves, and destroy their enemies, all things none of them could do alone. Seeing how an ant colony functions provides a glimpse of what collaborating can mean for your company.

“Collaboration” seems to be the buzzword of the 21st century, but it has always been around. What would Hewlett be without Packard, Procter without Gamble, Ben without Jerry, or John Lennon without Paul McCartney? Even one of the greatest geniuses in history, Albert Einstein, collaborated with two of his fellow students to derive the Theory of Relativity.

Many companies realize that they can achieve much more when they work together. Take off those blinds and look around you. Be inspired, step outside of your comfort zone, see new angles, and build upon great ideas. After all, if Einstein could see the power of collaboration, I am sure there are also opportunities out there for you.

Greetings from Silicon Valley!



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